Thursday, July 30, 2015

Milano Ice Cream, Indira Nagar (4.5/5)

Never been a fan of gelato ice creams, but this place is gonna be an exception. 

They have some interesting options- chocolatey, fruity and otherwise. I sampled their extra dark, tender coconut, hazelnut and truffle flavours. Liked extra dark and hazlenut best. 

My order was a whiskey flavoured ice cream cake. It had strong flavours of whiskey and was among the best liquor flavoured desserts I have had.  

Ambience: the outlet is well maintained and has neat and tidy interiors. Except a wasp which strayed its way in during our visit- there is nothing I can complain about the ambience. 

Service: the staff are friendly and enthusiastic to serve the customers. Those are just the right characteristics required for a front ended selling job. 

Pricing: the pricing is moderate. We had 5 scoops of ice creams and one ice cream cake - it cost us around INR. 500 (not sure of exact amount). 

Definitely going back!


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