Sunday, July 29, 2012

Taste Of Tibet

Momo's and Manali are almost quite synonymous. Every second joint in Manali sells momos and no wonder everyone I asked, suggested me to try momo's when I was there. I happened to try them at two places, both centrally located in the Manali market place.

The first place we went to was a restaurant called Mountain View . We tried both the fried and steamed varieties and also had some Chinese soup. Personally I prefer fried momos and they tasted fabulous. 

The other restaurant we went to was Chopsticks. This time around we were in the mood to get more exploratory with the Tibetan cuisine. For a person who was trying most of these items the first time, I must concede the names did sound funny. However I am surprised they got etched in my memory. The new items we tried were Ghenthuk and Thenthuk. Both of these were noodles with a soup base. While genthuk was fried noodles with a soupy curry, thenthuk had something similar to a pastas in a similar soupy curry.

Though it was a wonderful opportunity to explore Tibetan cuisine, for a person who prefers spicy food it might not be a preferred dish as most of these items are prepared with minimum spices. Nonetheless, they are surely something you should try for the balance in nutrients it possesses. 

Go Tibetan and stay healthy!