Monday, October 12, 2015

Om Sai Skanda Dosa Camp, Ulsoor (4.5/5)

Whenever I crossed this place I have wondered what all the crowding was for in front of what looked like any other corner side dosa shop. Zomato ratings and reviews added as an additional motivation to check the place out. 

Today, on my way back home I stopped here for a small pre-dinner meal and decided to try the place out. 

Service (4.5/5)
Food is ready and served in seconds from the time you order. 

Ambience  (3/5)
Despite being a corner shop/fast food joint, they have taken efforts to maintain the cleanliness inside and outside the restaurant. It's no surprise that I found quite a lot of people crowding this joint whenever I passed by. 

However, as a fast food diner- there is always the discomfort that one faces, especially considering the customers need to stand in the footpath of a busy main-road as the indulge in these delicacies. 

Pricing (5/5)
Extremely cheap. Two masala dosa's, 1 vada and 1 idly cost us INR.90. That is great VFM considering the quality of the food we ordered

Food (4.5/5)
Masala dosa- easily the best masala dosa I have had in recent times. It was very crisp, perfectly dosed with masala and red chutney on the inside and adequately sized (I am literally craving for more as I type this). 

Vada - not hot as it was readily available. However; one can just not complain about the crispiness of this offering. 

What made it better was the not so sweet sambar (perfect for a Chennai origin foodie) and the not so bad- thick and fresh coconut chutney. 

Would be unfair if I rate them anything lower than 4.5 - especially considering how satisfying the experience was. 

Definitely going back!!!