Saturday, July 11, 2015

Green Dot Cheesecake, Nungambakkam (3/5)

Five of us visited this place on what could be described as a dessert mission. We had earlier visited la cucina and followed this up with ETC. 

Ambience (1.5/5)
Though located in a luxurious bungalow I would consider the ambience as non existent. Even the display counters were wrapped and due to be dispatched for service - made us think if we had entered a non-functional place. 

Pricing (3/5)
Their desserts are priced moderate. 

Service (3/5)
Nothing exceptional about the service- but nothing to complain about either. 

We ordered the following:
1. Red velvet cheesecake- it was spoilt and that was quite shocking (biggest let down of the day)
2. Blueberry cheesecake - tasted good and definitely unlike the RV cheesecake. 
3. Nutella and chocolate cupcake- the cupcakes were finger licking good. 

I would ideally rate such an experience (2.5/5) if not for the blueberry cheesecake and their cupcakes.

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