Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Natural Ice Cream, Indira Nagar (4/5)

Ever since I moved to Bangalore from Chennai I have been wondering why is a 'Naturals Ice Cream Parlour' so highly rated. Only today did I realise that this is not the chain you find across Chennai but a Bombay based ice cream chain that serves unique fruity flavours. 

Ice creams (4.5/5)
Was here as a result of a serious dessert craving and decided to try out why this place was hyped so much. Checked a few review and based on several recommendations decided to check out the tender coconut flavour. This was a classic and nothing like I have ever eaten before. Loved it! 

Also tried their mango ice cream in a waffle cone. The cone was fresh and crispy (not a big fan of waffle cones- but surprisingly liked this). The mango ice cream was thick and had rich flavours. 

Sampled the following flavors:
- jackfruit : have never tried a jackfruit ice cream before and if I would ever crave for it - this would be the place to try it. 
- malai khurma: was unique and something I might wanna try during my next visit
- chocolate fruit and nut: didn't quite like it due to the overpowering taste of cocoa. 

Pricing (4.5/5)
The ice creams are quite cheap and affordable. The tender coconut cup cost me INR. 55 and the waffle mango flavor cost me INR.65 (inference is waffle costs ten bucks). The portions are quite small, but that gives room for trying more than one flavor in a visit. 

The outlet follows a self service model and you need to bill before you collect the ice cream. Nothing to comment on the service otherwise. 

Ambience (3.5/5)
Not much to glorify in terms of ambience. Considering the economical pricing - ambience need not necessarily be a judging criteria. 

However, there is inadequate chairs and seating space and would best recommend a take away or to eat in your parked cars. Car parking could also be an issue on busy days. 

Must try if you wish to have FRUITY ICE-CREAMS! 

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