Sunday, July 19, 2015

Chai Point, M.G Road

In summary: a perfect place to order chai's for delivery- but killed by its terrible vada pav.

Long working Sunday and our team decided to order mid-day tea from Chai Point. Thanks to the neat tetra pack+cardboard flasks- the teas were of good quality and served pipping hot. The first experience was so satisfying that we decided to reorder evening tea from them and this time we ordered some vada pav's to accompany.

The vada's were cold and tasted poor. For flavouring the outlet used what looked like chilli flakes- a terrible order I must concede.

Food (1/5)
Tea's (4/5) - liked their ginger tea better than their masala tea.
Packing - (5/5)
Delivery time - was pretty quick (4/5)
Quantity - served in discardable flasks, one tea could easily serve two.
Pricing - slightly overpriced - but 100% VFM. (4.5/5)

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