Thursday, July 30, 2015

Kabul Express, Thipassandara (4/5)

This place is a delight for meat lovers. Make sure you call them a day in advance and place an order for their speciality dishes. 

I was meeting a couple of foodies here (all meat food lovers). One of them was reasonably acquainted to the offerings here and further with the help of the owner- we were able to narrow down our orders. 

Our orders:
1. Murg Kheema Tangdi - incredible combination of chicken tangdi kebab and mutton kheema. The dish was served with mutton kheema stuffed into the tangdi kebabs.

2. Mutton afghani kheema kebab - an over-spiced but delicious mutton kebab - filled with dry fruits and rich spices. Considering they did not have galouti's yesterday - this was a fitting substitute. 

3. Chicken mosallam khorma & afghani parata
A spicy thick gravy chicken dish. 

It combined brilliantly with the afghani parata- which could be classified as sweet bread. 

4. Jal jeera Cola - the restaurant made a special twist of coke by making their own version of jal jeera cola- this was customised for us and would prefer not to judge this as an offering. 

Ambience & seating
The restaurant does not have much of a seating space and there is not much to show off in the ambience front as well. 

It cost us roughly 250 per head and I would definitely grade that as VFM.

The management took personal care to explain the dishes and the specialties of their offering. The food takes a while to be served - mainly because of it being made fresh. 

This place is a 4.5/5 for a non vegetarian foodie; however infrastructure is a big letdown if you are looking to dine in - and parcel might not be the best way to relish the dishes.

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