Sunday, July 12, 2015

Amethyst Cafe, Gopalapuram (3.5/5)

Have been visiting Amethyst ever since its presence in the old premises near lloyds road to as recently as last week. However, have not been a frequent visitor of this place on account of in-affordability (was in college when I first visited them) and less enjoyable food menu (did not quite appreciate their pizzas the last time I visited - back in 2012). 

Ambiance (4.5/5)
Very clearly things have changed and I now better appreciate a calm and cozy coffee shop which is out in the greens. Such places are a tough find in our city; so much so that if you tell a non-chennaite, they would be astonished to know we have an outdoor seating top notch coffee shop like amethyst (at least considering the city's climate ain't really conducive for outdoor seating). And yes, on a intolerable summer day you could choose to sit indoors in their air-conditioned seating area (the option of this seating arrangement seemed more for large groups though)

Pricing (3.5/5)
Well, I am not a college kid anymore and neither is this place much beyond my reach. I would call this a necessary luxury for an experience in such ambiance

Service (4/5)
Despite the huge and wide seating area the staff are easily available to take your requests. That's commendable. 

Food (3/5)
Not a big fan of their food or desserts. Like I mentioned earlier, do not have a particularly fond memory of a pizza I had back in 2012. However, quoting a more recent visit I did not quite like the blueberry cheesecake - the blueberry compote had a overpowering effect on the cheesecake. 

The hot chocolate (warm as if was served) was however delectable. If was foamy and much unlike the milo tasting hot chocolates served at other coffee shops. 

Would love to revisit for a calm evening and when there is a lot to catch up with the person I am meeting.

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