Tuesday, July 21, 2015

The Boozy Griffin, Koramangala (3/5)

Was here on a weekday night with a few colleagues. Incidentally the day happened to be a karaoke night and we were hoping it would be an interesting evening. Unfortunately for us, the person who was supposed to organise the karaoke session met with an accident and could not turn up.

Ambience & seating (3/5)
The pictures of the place looked really attractive in the pics but somehow I could not completely appreciate what this place had to offer. This might be personal because I have had similar views on several other restaurants- primarily on account of the dim lighting during late evening sessions.

For seating we had to choose between high rise stools and backless couches. Considering we were looking to spend a hour at least we went for the high rise chairs. The adjoining tables had metallic poles separating the sides - which I found quite pointless. Also, considering we had people sitting on either sides this was only making interaction difficult.

Pricing (3/5)
The pricing is slightly on the expensive side; especially their main-course.

Service (4/5)
Each of the tables had a tissue holder which has buttons to call the waiter, ask for bill, etc. Unlike some of the other places where I have seen similar technology being used, the staff responded instantly.

Food (1.5/5)
The food was a major letdown.

1. Veg Nachos was bland and flavourless.
2. Chicken peri peri - was served with burnt chicken pieces in an over-spiced peri peri sauce
3. Lebanese mezze platter was quite ordinary. The tiny falafels was sub-ordinary.

The devils chicken skewers looked similar to the chicken peri peri order, but had a less spicy sauce as base. This was the relatively better order of the day.

Drinks (3.5/5)
Some of their bar special cocktails were unavailable. Nonetheless, most of our drink orders were of good standard and was quite unlike their food.

Would recommend this place if you are looking for decent bar mixes.

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