Saturday, July 11, 2015

Cream Stone, Alwarpet (4/5)

2010- the first time I visited cream stone - in hypercity at Hyderabad. After a full meal I had ordered a willy wonka for self and I remember this to be one of the best ice creams I have ever had- the quantity was extremely overwhelming and the richness of the chocolate almost knocked me out.

Ever since, have recommended this ice cream to everybody who visited Hyderabad. I was extremely delighted when it opened in Bangalore and Chennai, that too in neighbourhoods I frequent. Finally got to relive willy wonka at the Alwarpet outlet yesterday.

Despite being a huge fan- tried to not expect too much considering I have had most of the better ice creams in the five years that followed my first round of willy wonka. However, this ice cream was definitely as good as I remembered and still finds a place in the list of best chocolate ice creams for me. Ordered a choco-reo to follow up and that was quite delicious as well.

Among other offerings, tried Belgium royal, dry fruit delight and fresh fruit and nuts. Relatively. these three were just ok.

Presentation is an area for improvement.

Ambience (3/5)
Themed in pink (I am sorry- my color palates does not include too many colors- so please don't judge me if am wrong)- the outlet had extensive seating space. The seating arrangement is not too comfortable and the circular wall corner tables are not easy to sit around.

The outlet has valet parking but it's not available during all working hours. Parking could be a constraint if you are driving down.

Service (4/5)
The staff are extremely courteous and brisk in their service. The ice creams are delivered pretty quick and the tables also are cleared without delays.

Pricing (4/5)
The pricing is nominal and relatively cheaper when compared to the other cold stone ice cream joints.

Must visit for their chocolate ice creams.

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