Thursday, July 23, 2015

Chili's, Indira Nagar (2/5)

Had a very poor food & drink experience at chili's. 

We ordered for a triple dipper with the following:
1. Original chicken crisper
2. chicken wings
3. Cheese poppers

All three dishes were excessively oily. I concede that they are fried items, but the oil content was extremely intoxicating. The dips were unique from each other and decent though. 

As for drinks, I ordered for a sea breeze which was diluted and did not quite live up to the description. My friend ordered for a texas tea; this was relatively better and quite a concentrated drink. 

Pricing (2/5)
These three orders cost us INR.1600 - definitely overpriced and not VFM. 

Ambience (3.5/5)
We sat on the first floor. The seating space was quite cramped here. The ground floor definitely looked more attractive. 

Service (2.5/5)
Service was quite good until we placed our order. Refills for water and tissues took its own sweet while though. Nonetheless, the staff were friendly and courteous.

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