Sunday, July 12, 2015

La Cucina, Kilpauk (2.5/5)

A bunch of my foodie friends were raving so much about the food at La Cucina that I was compelled to try it out during my recent visit home. 

Food (2/5)
1. Ferrero rocher shake- Since I had my lunch not too long before the visit, I ordered myself a ferrero rocher shake to start with. My initial thoughts on the drink was very positive but as I had more of it, I felt it was too creamy and sweet. Also, I have a very low tolerance towards the presence of ice cubes in milkshakes and this made this a poor order for me.

2. Some veg thin crust pizza
The restaurant took the word 'thin crust' way too seriously. The crust was wayyy too thin and that killed what could have otherwise been a good pizza. 

3. White sauce pasta
The pasta was cheesy but flavourless otherwise. 

The restaurant serves only vegetarian and thats another motivation dropper for me. 

Service (3.5/5)
The staff were friendly and reasonably quick with their service. They dropped in to know our feedback and seemed genuinely interested in customer views. 

Pricing (3/5)
Pricing is moderate 

Ambience (3/5)
When I entered first there was a bunch of kids celebrating one of their birthdays. Was way too noisy that I decided to get back in half an hour. When I revisited, the floors were strewn with burst balloons and party poppers. 

Considering the above as an exception the interiors are done up well. Their lighting is dim and the pull down hanging lights is something I haven't seen in other restaurants (interesting!). There is a lot of empty space in the outlet and this is something they could work on - more tables perhaps. 

Parking - The parking space seemed adequate for just one car; however, the restaurant offers valet parking to its customers.


  1. this as an extremely boring place :( there risotto was just awful looked more like pappu sadam.

  2. So I am not the only one who had a bad experience