Sunday, July 12, 2015

Hotel Crescent, Nungambakkam

After an evening mallu movie with family was looking for some quick food before boarding my night bus back to Bangalore. After eliminating some of the regular south Indian restaurants due to non-availability of seats we decided to dine at Crescent.

Ambience (2/5)
The place is for hardcore non vegetarians and my SIL, who is a vegetarian had trouble dealing with the aromas of non veg food that was floating around. We sat at the non AC dining area- the seats were not too comfortable and the place could use a dullness check.

Pricing (4/5)
The food is priced very economically and I would definitely recommend this place if you are looking for a budget Kerala non vegetarian meal.

Service (3/5)
The staff was initially very cold and did not respond appropriately when we asked regarding availability of the dishes. However, thereafter he was forthcoming in letting us know about the delay in preparation of dishes and otherwise.

The egg curry and parotas were served in no time. However, the chicken roast took around 10-15minutes to be served.

Food (2/5)
We were visiting after 10PM on a Sunday night and there was no fish/prawn dishes available.

1. Classic parotas that was adequately crispy and soft. They were served warmed and was enjoyable.

2. Gravy - the gravy (salna in tamil) that accompanied the parota tasted ok. It had no traces of meat and was served in limited portion – that’s unusual.

3. Egg curry - was basically a few boiled eggs dropped in the curry mentioned above. Was surprised to find a slice of chicken in it (egg-etarians beware)

4. Chicken roast - we had requested for a dry/semi gravy dish. What we were served was a dry flavourless chicken (whatever limited flavour the dish had was limited to the outer layers) that had an overpowering taste of coconut oil. There was very little or no gravy at all, resulting in the lack of flavour.

Overall, a less satisfying experience except for the parotas; definitely expected better from this veteran Kerala restaurant.

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