Friday, August 14, 2015

Yauatcha, MG Road (3.5/5)

Was heading out for dinner with my boys and zeroed down on Yauatcha based on one of their preferences. 

The restaurant is located in the top floor of 1MG mall and was largely empty when we stepped- I am assuming the scenario would be entirely different on a weekend. 

Ambience (4/5)
The modern themed restaurant has a simple yet impressive interiors. The place looked well maintained and the seating was comfortable. 

Pricing (3/5)
The restaurant is a fine dining joint and even by that standards could be considered 'expensive'. The food bill for 3 of us cost roughly INR. 6.5k (including liquor it was around INR. 11k) - haven't paid as much except at star hotels before. But yes, we ordered a lot of food! 

The portions were a mixed bag. While some dishes had adequate portions, items such as dumplings had just 3 or 4  smallpieces. 

To their credit, the prime property location and related costs partially justify the pricing. 

Service (3/5)
The staff was friendly and courteous at the beginning. However, two or three orders down we found them slightly interfering - didn't quite appreciate that.

While the suggestions for starters were top class, the main courses were below par. On service front, food was served within reasonable time and refills for sauces and water came easy. 

It might be injustice if I don't break the food down into starters, main course and desserts. Have rated each of these separately to help you decide on what to eat.

1. Starters (including dumpling) (5/5)
We ordered three sets of dumplings and two courses of prawn cheng fun. 

All of the dumplings tasted good and the sauces combined brilliantly with them. 

The stand-out dish would however be the prawn cheng fun. It had crispy fried prawns stuffed in a dumpling dough. It was cooked to perfection and being a non prawn lover- I could not resist indulging in it - definitely going back for more. 

2. Main course (2/5)
A very average fare. 

1. Penang style old town prawn noodle was excessively oily and tasted quite ordinary.  
2. Egg white chicken fried rice - ended up being a sort of sticky rice. Not really a fan of sticky rice! 
3. Stir fry chicken in home fry chilli sauce
This side dish order was good on a standalone basis. However, it failed to combine well with our rice order. 

Desserts (3.5/5)
The desserts score well on presentation and plating.
They tasted decent but are highly overpriced. I have to concede. they looked better than they tasted. 

1. Raspberry Delice - it is the house speciality and has been raved about by one and all who has visited this place. I found it a tad too bitter. 

2. Religieuse - a chocolate and hazelnut combination. 
The ice cream that came alone with the dessert was incredible. On an overall note, liked this order better than the raspberry Delice. 

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