Friday, August 14, 2015

The Beer Cafe, Indira Nagar (2.5/5)

The new beer place at Indira Nagar and what a disaster it turned out to be. 

1. Their website shows off over hundred bottled beers while they serve only 13 at their store. The liquor store nearby seemed to have a better collection that this.

However had a disclaimer on each table stating legal hassles being the deterrent in sourcing these beers.

2. Food was terrible. Except masala peanuts (something which cannot be screwed up), all of our orders tasted bad.

- Paneer tikka: We were forced to return the paneer as they were chewy and inedible.

- Chicken Olivetti - olive stuffed chicken that was otherwise flavourless. Even a generous dip into the sauce that came along did not help.

- Nachos - everything about it was wrong. First, they used readily available nacho chips. There was just a little bit of cheese and tomatoes as toppings. The cheese serving was definitely inadequate.

Ambience (3/5)
The interiors are done well and looks classy. However, they looked quite empty for a Friday night.

David Guetta played tirelessly in the background.

Service was decent.
Pricing is moderate for the food but expensive for some of the imported beers.  

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