Thursday, August 20, 2015

Republic of Noodles, Ulsoor (4.5/5)

A friend of mine was staying at lemon tree and he insisted that we should eat at republic of noodles when I was making dinner plans with him. The food lived up to the hype he gave and I liked almost all the dishes I ordered. 

Ambience (4/5)
Themed in red and black the restaurant has a nice yet simple and elegant oriental theme. The cushioned sofa seating weren't completely comfortable but otherwise there was no qualms about their ambience.

Service (5/5)
The staff were extremely courteous and friendly. They seemed completely aware of the house specialties and were spot on with their guidance in choosing dishes. 

Pricing (4/5)
Considering the restaurant is located in a star hotel and also considering the quality of their offering - I would rate them reasonable. 

On a stand-alone/universal basis this would be classified as expensive. 

I had a complete four course meal consisting of a soup, starter, main course and desserts. A detail list of the dishes are as below:

1. Soup - 
I ordered for a duck tom kha gai flavoured soup. It was a thick spicy soup with strong coconut and lemongrass flavours - LOVED IT! 
My friend ordered for a sea food vietnamese corn and asparagus soup. This was an exaggerated version of sweet corn soup, but tasted better:

2. Starters - Banana leaf wrapped grill chicken
Boneless chicken pieces were dosed with spices and gravy and wrapped in banana leaves. Though it tasted ok the flavour and tenderness of chicken was inconsistent.

3. Main Course
Mhad chicken noodles
A mix of crispy and regular noodles which seemed to have been flavoured with some sauce and chicken chunks. Enjoyed it! 

Prawn thai green curry 
This dish was served with jasmin rice and is easily among the best thai curries I have had. The prawns were fresh and cooked to perfection.

4.  Desserts - Water chestanut rubies and longan
This is a unique dessert consisting of coconut milk, lychees, water chestnuts and ice cubes. I have tried it once at a different restaurant and had liked the way it tasted. This order was no different and was a welcome change from regular desserts for me.

It's a dessert with an acquired taste and my friend didn't completely enjoy it. 

- Chilli chocolate ice cream (complimentary)
The red chillis added a good balance to the ice creams and left a wonderful spice and sweet aftertaste. However, the quality of ice cream was sub-ordinary.

Would recommend this place for oriental/Asian food lovers. 

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