Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Amande Patisserie, Lavalle Road (3.5/5)

First visit - August 18, 2015 

My colleagues were all praise for the macaroons and desserts at Amande when we last visited UB city. Decided to try it out yesterday when I was in the mall for dinner. 

Ambience (3.5/5)
The dessert counters and the look and feel of the place is classy. However, the seating arrangements are inadequate. 

Nothing boast-worthy or to complain about their service. 

Pricing (4/5)
You don't expect desserts to be cheap in a patisserie at the most up-scale mall in the city. However, they are priced reasonably considering the above premium factors. 

Macaroons were priced INR. 60 per piece. 

1. Hazelnut macaroon - exquisite stuff! Loved the hazelnut flavours and would definitely rate it among the best macaroons I have tasted. 
2. Blueberry macaroon - relatively or otherwise- this flavour turned out to be disappointing. Did not enjoy it as much. 
3. Chocolate concord - a dessert with sweetened chocolate sticks and chocolate mousse filling. While I loved the filling - the overdose of sweetness in the chocolate sticks put me off a bit. 

Would like to revisit for other macaroon flavours.

Revisited this place on August 24, 2015

Tried a few more of their macaroon flavors. Must concede this place offers one of the best Macaroons in the city. 

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