Saturday, August 8, 2015

Mother Cluckers, Indira Nagar (3.5/5)

A Saturday night with a couple of friends and I was in no mood to travel beyond Indira Nagar. We zeroed down on Mother Cluckers for a pre-game drink session before heading out to somewhere bigger (the latter part of the plan never happened though). 

Ambience (3/5)
The place is quite cramped and it is difficult to find tables on weekends. They always have more people than their seating space and this kinda crowds up their bar area. I sat indoors on both my visits and would prefer to do that at least till winter is here. 

The ambience is otherwise simple and seating is less than comfortable. 

Pricing (3.5/5)
They are priced reasonably

Service (4.5/5)
The bar staff are cheerful and guide you well in choosing the drinks. A little more knowledge of the food being offered from their service staff could help. 

What impressed me was however the seat allocation policy. The manager kept tab of when we arrived (though we did not give any names to him) and allocated a table to us vacating two couples who arrived much later and bullied their way to the empty table. I was impressed by the professionalism, especially considering how several joints in Indira Nagar give a preference to ladies and couples. 

Food (3.5/5)
We tried a couple of chicken starters and two burgers. The fiery chicken was their standout dish and is a perfect bar starters - we ordered a second portion of this dish even though we didn't drink much that day. 

The burger I tried was decent. 

Drinks (3/5)
I have tried the LIIT and whisky sour here. Both of these were just ok; however, the LIIT has a good liquor concentration.

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