Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Singkong, Lavelle Road (4/5)

Was at Singkong with a couple of friends and we were planning to sit by the bar area, have a couple of drinks and starters before heading elsewhere for dinner. However, the starters impressed us to stay longer and what happened was a long evening with the boys and some good drinks and food to accompany. 

Ambience (4/5)
Every joint at the restaurant zone in UB City has similar, yet classy ambience. Breezy evenings are the best times to be here and yesterday was one such evening. 

We sat at the bar area - which is common between sanchos and singkong; the high rise bar seats were comfortable and the ambience was otherwise decent. However. if you ask me whether they have the look and feel for a pricy fine dining - I might disagree. 

Service (5/5)
Mr. Hirak- the staff in charge for our orders and also the bar-man at singkong, mixed up some nice mojito variants. He also took special effort in guiding us with the orders and most of his suggestions were spot on. Also. he was kind enough to replace a drink which I did not like.

The food was served pretty fast and the empty plates were cleared quickly. The restaurant also had staff deputed to consistently maintain the trash and hygiene of the restaurant - impressive! 

Pricing (3/5)
I found the liquors over priced. The food though pricy was relatively more VFM. 

Food (3.5/5)
1. Starters: 
- Stir fried chilli basil chicken 
The dish had tender boneless chicken pieces spiced adequately and with healthy flavours. The dish was however a little too oily! 

- Indonesian chicken satay - served with spicy peanut sauce
Not a fan of satay's usually because of lack of penetration of flavours in the way certain restaurants serve them- but this was an exception. The dish was no comparison to the other chicken starter, but was definitely a good chicken satay. The peanut sauce was spicy and combined as a great dip. 

- aromatic spicy chicken dumplings - was ordinary and might not be a dish I would recommend. 

- wasabi prawns was crispy and yumm!

2. Main course 
Thai green curry with chicken
The last week has been perfect when it comes to thai green curry orders and this one just upped the game. Loved the thickness of the curry and the spicy flavours of the dish. In addition to the white rice, it also combined great with our noodle order.

3. Cocktails (3.5/5)
Of the three cocktails which we got two of them were good quality stuff and were bartender special mojito variants. The other order was a wasabi mojito and we did not like it - it was replaced by the staff. 

The drinks are however overpriced and not really VFM.

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