Monday, August 24, 2015

Bayleaf On The Go, Gopalapuram (3.5/5)

A few of my foodie friends mentioned the rolls at this joint as a must try. Thats what got me here on my immediate next visit to Chennai; had a limited appetite after all the snacks at Satyam Cinemas and a roll sounded perfect.  

Ambience (4/5)
This is a tiny roll shop adjoint to bayleaf restaurant and works on a fast food/take away joint model. Best way to dine here would be to drive down and carry your rolls to the car. 

The place is maintained very well and is spotlessly clean. Thats definitely a reason to revisit. 

Pricing (3.5/5)
The rolls are priced moderately. However, the drinks were over-priced, especially considering the quality of the offering. 

Not applicable- its self service model. 

The rolls take a while to be served- but thats the wait for getting fresh hot food. 

Food (4/5)
The breads tasted a little sweet but otherwise the rolls were among the best I have had in Chennai. I had a reshmi chicken roll and would prefer to try something spicier during my next visit. 

My brother tried a vegetable keema roll with egg - the stuffing tasted quite ordinary and the egg was the savior in the mix.

My sister in law seemed to like her gobi stuffed roll. 

Soft drinks (2/5)
Tried their the aam-panna and chennai cooler; both were highly diluted and disappointing. 

On a summary note- a neat place with an interesting concept to retain customers (they give loyalty cards) and decent rolls. Must try if you are a fan of kaati rolls!

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