Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Toscano, Lavelle Road (4/5)

Was catching up with my best buddy who was visiting from Bombay. He was one of my early food companions and together we have conquered several cities. Considering his fascination for Italian fine dining decided to take him to Toscano. 

Ambience (4.5/5)
This place has one of the best outdoor ambience in UB CIty- is my personal favourite. I have heard live performance are their highlight and unfortunately for us, we were visiting on a weekday. 

The restaurant was kinda packed and mostly filled with expats and foreigners. They have an extensive selection of wines and I am assuming that could be the reason. 

Pricing (3.5/5) 
Surely overpriced but the food quantity makes you think otherwise. We were full just with the starters and thats commendable considering our appetites.  

No qualms about their service. 

Food (3/5)
I ordered for a chicken starter and was looking for guidance from the staff. Was particular on not wanting to eat fried food and mentioned the same to them. My order was lost in dialogue and was served a chicken nuggets kind of dish. It was served with french fries and two dips. Tasted quite ordinary. 

Our other starter was a veg hand tossed pizza bread (four cheese piadana and oregano). This was dry and bland - did not completely suit my Indian palate. 

Dessert (4/5)
Chocolate kahlua mousse in almond tuile creme anglaise:
The kahlua mousse was amazing and the almond tuile was possibly the best crust to mount it on. The let down for me was however the creme anglaise. It pulled down what could have otherwise been a perfect dish by a few notches. 

Mocktail (5/5)
Mango zombie - easily one of the best mango mocktails I have ever had. Its a delight to watch the frozen mango puree melt and blend with the crushed ice. 

Though the food orders went wrong, I believe it is not fair to judge based on just their starters. Hence rating them 0.5 higher.

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