Tuesday, March 15, 2016

B Cafe - Shangri La, Bangalore (4/5)

Was invited to shangri la try out the 'mighty lunch' and was really looking forward to it considering the hype the hotel's been generating since its launch. 

Ambience (4/5)
Mighty was the chosen prefix and the grandeur of the hotel and the restaurant set just the right theme for the meal. The restaurant has a well laid out buffet setup and a wide seating area. 

The restaurant has a capacity to accommodate a few hundreds - which seems fair considering the hotel's room capacity and B Cafe being the hotel's coffee shop and breakfast destination.

The seating is comfortable and there is nothing one could complain about their ambience. 

Service (4.5/5)
Their fully energised service team does a great job in ensuring top notch hospitality. Encompassing efficiency of table service, timely clearance of cutlery and crockery, explanation and knowledge of dishes and the promptness of dish delivery at live counters - they had it all going for them. 

The power packed flash mob by the staff was the highlight and brought in fresh life to those who had the pleasure of witnessing and being part of it. 

Pricing (3.5/5)
On a standalone note one might feel they are over priced. But having experienced the 'mighty lunch' and its lavishness - I would have to mention that this is the cost one needs to spend for enjoying a lovely meal with a special one. 

Go there early and stay till then end, have a paced-out meal and that would be the best way to enjoy your experience here. 

Food (3.5/5)
With a wide range of cuisines on offer they have a lavish spread. Some of the cuisines I saw/tried were : North Indian, Arabian, Japanese, Parsi, Pan Asian (Including Thai, Malaysian, etc). 

While there were a few dishes that failed to live up, the ones that were good set the benchmark. The cocktails (especially whiskey sour) was quite good and the huge spread of desserts and home made ice creams is not to miss. Their baklava and arabian desserts needs a special mention as it was easily among the best I have had till date. 

On a summary note, reserve this experience for a special occasion and it is unlikely you would get disappointed.

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