Monday, September 14, 2015

One Night In Bangkok, Indira Nagar (3/5)

Been hearing about this place from every foodie I spoke to and decided to visit them for some good Thai  meal and drinks last Friday night. 

Ambience (3.5/5)
What impressed me about the ambience was the effort taken to introduce the Thai theme to the Bar. They have wall paintings of MMA fighters and other art representing Thai. 

However, personally I did not enjoy the ambience enough on three counts:
1. Cramped seating arrangement and limited floor space
2. Dim lighting
3. Jarring loud speakers (sound quality was not the best)

Pricing (3/5)
Their cocktails were priced moderate; however, the starters were relatively more expensive. 

Cocktails (3/5)
Some of the cocktails we ordered were exceptional while some were unique and different. 

What I liked:
- Pattaya Sour
- Muay thai punch

What I was indifferent to
- Mango spice

What I did not like
- Passion Margarita
- Thai Basil Mojito

Food (3/5)
This place functions as a Thai bar and does not really have much of food options except for their starters and thai curry. 

The following veg starters were exceptional and are a must try if you visit:
- fried lotus stem with peanuts
- pad thai wrapped in egg

The thai curry and rice was also pretty good, except that the quantity of curry served was inadequate for the rice and chicken portion. The chicken was cooked well and had a barbecue flavour to it. 

Non veg starters we tried the following and it did not quite agree with our taste preferences:
- stir fried chicken with basil and young peppercorns
- bbq chicken isaan style (similar to the chicken served with thai curry and rice - was better of the two non veg orders)

Service (4/5)
The staff responded well to requests and replaced wrong orders without any complaints. 

On a summary note, the place needs to re-look at their food offering- both in terms of adding dishes and also improvement in the quality of few of their offering.

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